Volunteers Needed at Gillette Stadium

Camgillette-stadium-logoeron’s Crusaders has sent an application to Gillette Stadium for their nonprofit fundraising program and we are looking for volunteers to sign up and help us out.

Each season, Gillette Stadium staffs all of their concession stands with Non-Profit Organizations, as a means of raising funds for their activities.  It is an alternative to traditional fundraising while developing teamwork and camaraderie in an exciting atmosphere.

The Gillette Stadium nonprofit fundraising program is a dependable and lucrative source of income and has supported youth sports, churches, college fraternities, civic groups and choirs.  In addition to raising thousands of dollars for their organizations, groups learn to work as a team and operate in an honest, ethical and enjoyable environment

Cameron’s Crusaders is currently looking for volunteers who would be interested in joining our team to operate a concession stand.  We would like to have 30 people minimum signed up, giving us a “pool” of volunteers to draw on.  At this time the schedule of events is not out for the next season, and we know that not everyone would be able to make it to each event.  (Schedule/calendar is given to groups after they sign up to make the commitment.)

Our commitment would include

  • 10-20 events
  • In charge of operating a concession stand2375_fans_line_up_at_gillette_stadium_concession_stands
  • 5% commission on food and non-alcohol beverage sales and meal coupons that are redeemed at the location.
  • Choice between 30 pre-set packages which include a number of concerts, Special Events, Revolution Matches,
    UMASS Football games. 15 of these pre-set packages require 5 – 10 people and 20 require 11 – 15 people.
  • Please note that each group can only bring two 16/17 year old to volunteer. All other members must be 18+.

Training Requirements

All new groups are required to attend three separate trainings.

  • Technical Training – To learn all aspects of the concession stand operation to include, POS, Food Prep and Cooking, Inventory & Cash Handling.
  • TEAM Training – Each group is required to have at least two members (we would like to have a minimum of 4) who are certified in alcohol service. Please note:  At least two members must be present at all events.
  • ServSafe Training – Each group must have at least one (up to 5 preferable) who are food safety certified. Please note: At least one member must be present at all events.                                                                                                                                             

Some general information

Check in on timegillette-stadium-concerts

Groups are required to check in 1.5 – 2.5 hours prior to gates opening

  •  Revs @ 7:30pm – Gates @ 6:15 – Check in @ 4:30pm
  •  Patriots @ 1pm – Gates @ 11am – Check in @ 8:30am
  •  Concerts – times will vary

In Uniform

Concession uniform requirements are:

  • Khaki pants, capris or shorts (at proper length)
  • Sneakers or non-slip, closed toe shoes
  • No jeans or flip flops
  • For each event, Gillette Stadium will provide a blue polo shirt, bib apron, and visor for each member.

Total Time Commitment

  • 7 – 8 hours for smaller events such as Revs, Cannons, and UMASS games.
  • 9 – 10 hours for full stadium events which include Patriot games, concerts and International Soccer matches

We are looking for a pool of at least 30 volunteers for these events that we will be able to have help us, if you would like to sign up go to https://www.volunteersignup.org/TFXE7 and fill in the position that you would like.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Edward Ouellette

Vice President

(617) 840-0165


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