Cambria’s Story

Posted by: Kevin St Jean


Cameron’s Crusaders recently had the pleasure to meet a little girl named Cambria and her family. She is the definition of happiness. All smiles, big hugs for everyone and just wants to tell you all about her day. Her dream is to become a ballerina when she grows up.

You would never be able to tell that Cambria has multiple Congenital Heart Defects.

Congenital heart defects (CHD) are the most common type of birth defect. CHD affect nearly 1% of―or about 40,000―births per year in the United States and she has one of the rarest forms. Read More

Why We Do What We Do

Posted by: Kevin St Jean


Recently when I was talking to someone about Cameron’s Crusaders I was asked, “How do you continue to help sick kids?  Isn’t it sad seeing them sick all of the time?” Read More