Why Companies That Donate to Fundraisers Win Hearts

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Customers are more loyal and give more business to companies that donate to fundraisers

When you run a small business, you’re an integral part of your community. Whether you run a retail shop, offer a service, or own a restaurant, your business is woven into the fabric of people’s lives. This is a big reason why companies that donate to fundraisers are so adored.

People love to feel like they support businesses that contribute back to their neighborhood. That doesn’t mean you need to accept every donation request you get. You can be strategic about your contributions.01-Why Companies That Donate to Fundraisers Win Hearts (and Wallets)-01

Those strategic gifts help your small business stand out in an environment full of competition. There are over eight million small businesses in the U.S. that employ less than 100 people. That number skyrockets to approximately 90 million if you count businesses that employ between 100 and 500 people.

For those eight million businesses employing less than 100 people, there isn’t always a big marketing budget. You need to do what you can with those limited funds to attract new customers. The simple fact is that companies that donate to fundraisers can get a huge return on a small investment (beyond a healthy tax write-off.)

While you don’t give charitable gifts with the expectation of a return, those benefits are there for you.

Companies that donate to fundraisers earn free publicity

Here is one typical example: Community and public radio stations around the country hold fundraisers or pledge drives every year. They offer premiums to listeners who donate. The more a listener gives, the better the reward.

If you offer a premium that station can use, your business name could be mentioned on the air hundreds of times. Your donation of a free tire rotation, dinner for two, or admission to a museum helps you get your name in front of thousands of listeners.

Public radio stations are only one example of nonprofit organizations that offer publicity. Nonprofits (like Cameron’s Crusaders) have a small, but enthusiastic and growing audience. We, and nonprofits like us, give your business props on our websites, social media, and at live events.

Your support comes right back to you from the people who recognize the kindness and charity of your gift. You’ll be at the top of the list next time they are in the market for your product or service.

Companies that donate to fundraisers earn trust

Research shows that consumers view socially responsible companies more favorably. This positive aura comes with financial perks; just ask TOMS shoe company.02-Why Companies That Donate to Fundraisers Win Hearts (and Wallets)-01

TOMS donates a pair of shoes for each pair purchased. Their “One-for-One” mission puts shoes on the feet of children in 70 countries. The 50 million pairs of shoes they’ve donated is part of the reason the company is valued at $625 million.

TOMS is not a small business, but their philanthropy is indicative of the consumer shift toward companies that work toward a better world.

Companies that donate to fundraisers get a tax break

Free publicity, a trusting consumer, and a tax break, too? Could this possibly get better? Every donation or charitable contribution to a registered nonprofit can be a deduction on your taxes. Every little bit helps when you are trying to stick to a budget, right?

Companies that donate to fundraisers create goodwill

03-Why Companies That Donate to Fundraisers Win Hearts (and Wallets)-01Straight talk here – the more good we can create in this world, the better off we all are. Even without the direct financial benefits of donating to charities, you reap intangible benefits. Your neighbors appreciate you a little more. Your favorite customer becomes even more enthusiastic.

Companies support nonprofit organizations for any number of reasons. The most important factor in your decision is what’s in your heart. If it feels good to you, then your donation is already working.

If you’re looking for sponsorship opportunities, Cameron’s Crusaders has several upcoming events that will welcome you with open arms. We can provide many opportunities to offer you visibility and our gracious public thanks. Learn more about sponsoring our events.

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