Thank you so much for choosing to volunteer for Cameron’s Crusaders. Here are are current available opportunities.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  – March 26  – Dinner & a Movie , Strand Theatre in Clinton, MA

 –  April 29 – Italian Dinner and Dancing, Knights of Columbus, Leominster MA

To inquire about volunteer opportunities, contact us.

Dear Volunteer,

Cameron’s Crusaders believes that:

All who share a commitment to our mission are welcome to join us in our work regardless of their background, ethnic origin, race, age, sexual orientation or gender. Everyone is welcome.

Every Volunteer is valuable and everyone’s time, talents, and efforts are special gifts that are to be appreciated, respected, recognized, and never taken for granted.

The right role can be found for any person with a desire and heart to serve. Volunteers and staff should be given opportunities to learn and grow within the organization.

The work of every volunteer is valued equally. All volunteers are treated with dignity and respect.

Volunteers provide our organization with credibility, insight, perspective, diversity, and expertise that enlightens our operations, helps fulfill our mission, and engages the community in our activities.

To implement this philosophy, Cameron’s Crusaders will:

Actively seek and encourage participation of volunteers in all areas of the organization including planning, problem-solving, construction and administration.

Share strategic plans and on-going schedules to inform volunteers and staff, and focus their energies.

Attempt to respond to all inquiries from prospective volunteers in a timely manner to facilitate their orientation and scheduling.

Give volunteers abundant thanks, directly and frequently.

Consider all volunteer requests, suggestions, and grievances in a respectful and timely manner.

Work together to continually renew and reinforce our mutual commitment to the mission of Cameron’s Crusaders.

Cameron’s Crusades asks its volunteers to:

  1. Know your own duties and stay on task.
  2. Cooperate with staff and your fellow volunteers, and maintain a team attitude.
  3. Voice your opinions and contribute your suggestions to improve Cameron’s Crusaders work.
  4. Be on time for scheduled meetings and work assignments.
  5. Honor your commitment and come when scheduled
  6. Treat all volunteers, staff, and clients with respect.

Remember, you help to create the healthful, pleasant, and safe volunteering conditions that Cameron’s Crusaders intends for you. We need your help in making each volunteering day enjoyable and rewarding.


Kevin St Jean

To inquire about volunteer opportunities, contact us.